The consensus I have been reading is that they are very good guitars and quality at that price point.

I have an Agile coming in from them soon. I guess I will find out.
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Yeah, they're massive bang for the buck. I have an Agile AL-3100 and it plays like a dream.
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Bought one for my dad last chrismas. Al3100 csb with p90's.

I have never any other $389 guitar that even comes close. Seriously, and incredible guitar at any price (just so happens the price is great)

I'll be ordering a 3100 for myself once funds open themselves up.
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Rondomusic guitars are very good, I have had 2 which one I sold to buy the second. Even if it is damaged when you get it contact kurt in customer service and he will exchange it for you and even pay for the shipping.