Hi Guys i'm a first time poster and i could really use some help! I've been playing for a little over a year, and am completely self taught. I play primarily old-school thrash metal (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, the usual suspects), but have been experimenting over the past few months, playing both classic rock/metal (i.e pink floyd for rock and iron maiden for metal) and death metal (early Cannibal Corpse, Dethklok). I play a PRS SE singlecut through a line 6 spider III practice amp (im getting a higher quality amp within the month); it handles the classic stuff well but doesnt really have the nads to take on the heavier metal (through no fault of its own; i know that it isnt meant for such music). I have been doing a lot of research as to what my next guitar is going to be, and find myself very conflicted as to what to buy; I need an axe that can handle the gamut from death metal to classic rock. I haven't been given much help from the workers at Sam Ash and Guitar Center, so i thought i'd take a shot with you guys here at UG; ive read hundreds of threads and everyone here seems very helpful and kind. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated; i've also thought about simply keeping the PRS for classic rock and getting a purely metal axe for the brutal stuff. Your thoughts???
It's really got to do with your amp. If you get a brutal amp, you can play metal with a strat.

Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth uses PRS.
Yeh I've been able to play any genre with any guitar and don't see the problem... The amps the big thing, and the pick ups of course, but those can be changed.
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I agree with the posts above. Your amp is what is really going to give you the tone you want. Another big part of tone is the pickups the guitar has. Whether or not your pickups are humbuckers or single coils is going to make most of the difference. If you want the sounds of both there are guitars out there that have coil splitting capabilities which basically turns the humbuckers in the guitar to single coil pickups so you can play as either.
new amp is needed.
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thanks alot guys i wasnt expecting such a quick reply. If this thread is gunna continue in the direction its going, may i ask what amp you guys would suggest for that delicious metal sound? I dont wanna sound like a noob here but i kind of am one . my ceiling for this amp is around $500; im looking for a 50 or a 75 watter, something that can fill a small gig setting. I plan on getting a metal muff pedal as well; ive played through one and i liked it a lot. Thanks for humoring me, guys
If you're getting a metal muff then I say go for a fender amp cause they usually have a great clean channel. They have shitty distortion, but it doesn't matter since you'll be using your pedal through the clean channel.
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
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