Well folks, I think I'm ready to give up with this site.

First it was my Legendary Orange IKEA Gorm Pedalboard thread that got closed down because it should have been in Forum Section A instead of Forum Section B. Notwithstanding the fact that it was a great thread with a lot of valuable info, but you know can't have things in the wrong place, even if it's unintentional.

I got past that closure and moved forward.

Then today, I start an entirely separate thread (now closed) about how my son's amp got shut down at the Seattle Folk Life Festival. Someone didn't like that my post wasn't phrased in the form of a question, so he looks up my birth date, sees a 1999 date in there (don't know how that happened, but obviously that's an error since I have 3 kids) and then reports me. Moments later, the thread is closed.

I'll keep coming back to this site for its awesome selection of tabs, but I'm done with the reporting police over here. What a bunch of losers. Is there a smilie for "Read Between the Lines"?

Feel free to report me in this thread too.
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Well, see, the problem is that you fail to understand why your threads are getting closed. They're getting closed because threads are not blogs, blogs are blogs. your threads however, are blogs. They do not encourage discussion, they are merely "tweets" if you will.

*reported* maybe if you get warned you'll learn up.