So im currently looking at these 2 guitars on craigslist and their about $25 each..just wondering what your opinions on them are and if it be worth it to buy one or both. Im mainly interested in the white one.


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It's only 50 bucks, I'm sure you'll find some use for them.
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theid be great project guitars
id buy them but i just spent all my money on my new tube amp im building
The first one would be fun to hot rod. The second one, not so much.
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Well i own a Les Paul Special 2 so im not too interested in the 2nd one..but i figured for $25 why not..i can get some tuning pegs on ebay for like $5 and have a decent guitar.
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-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Marshall AVT150H w/MG412A
-Cry baby Classic Wah
^^ dude those les paul specials suuccckk
i just sold mine and the second one looks a hundred times better!
Well it was my first guitar and pretty much all i could afford at the time..im looking to upgrade once i save up some. Personally i dont really see anything wrong that makes it as terrible as some claim it is. For the price i paid i think its a pretty decent guitar.
My Gear:
-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Marshall AVT150H w/MG412A
-Cry baby Classic Wah
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They will be quite good test platform. I would buy to experiment modding the shit out of them before actually doing on an expensive guitar.

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They're cheap as hell, so why not? You could always sell them on for 40 dollars or something...
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2 guitars like those for $50 is a deal. I'd expect to pay more than that for just that Strat copy, Heck I even paid $82 shipped for my Global LP Copy and that's made out of plywood and has a horrendous warped neck made out of pine.

*Edit* I'm not sure what the neck is made out of so don't take my word that the neck was made out of pine. The fretboard isn't made out of pine, I know that much.
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Do it, you got absolutely nothing to lose for $50. and Those actually look like they are in solid condition, i'm surprised he's not asking $100-150 for each one like most people would. This is a steal even on no name instruments.

for cheap guitars they both look awesome, i would definitely buy