I'm looking for a good 4x12 cab for my Sovtek MIG, and there is a massive sale on for these cabs at a local store (selling for $399 new AUD). Should I pick one up, are they any good? They're Celestion loaded apparently, but I'm not sure with what speakers.

EDIT: this http://www.music123.com/Kustom-QUAD-ST-412-A-260W-4x12-Guitar-Speaker-Cabinet-600653-i1388504.Music123
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You'd be better off buying an unloaded 2x12 or 4x12 and speakers yourself and setting it up that way... would be alot higher quality.

They also don't come with Celestions, they come with Kustom speakers, which you're gonna want to replace at some point.
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hmm, where is a good place to buy speakers in australia then? surely by the time it's tolexed, handles are put on and the time spent it'll come to be far more expensive.

it has a sticker on it saying celestion loaded as well as a celestion tag, so it's got some kind of celestion inside. might be super 65's
A lot of Kustom's Quad cabinets came loaded with Celestion G12P80 speakers. The one you are looking at might also have them.
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It's 260 watts, so yes, they do have the Celestion Super 65's.
Not very good speakers IMO.
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Hmm, is the construction of these cabs any good? Because I could sell the speakers at a later date.

Yes. While it isn't Kustom's top of the line cabinet (that would be the Double Cross), everything Kustom makes is built to withstand a nuclear blast. It will hold up, and the Quad cabinets I've heard sound very good.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley