Cigarette guts
Spilled beneath the treads of your boots
Baking in the sun
And smelling like cancer

Over some tinted glass
Your eye spotlights
Sprung a leak
And I didn't know why

I'd wish you well
But it's just a wish
And if it's goodbye
Drop a line

When you step on
And the cool wind greets
Don't forget it brings
An ounce of fear

And if it gets too cold
Take this prayer and a rosary
To weave in your head and hand
And a cloth for the eyes

I'd wish you well
But it's just a wish


In case you're curious, it's about a little girl and her brother standing in the Mojave Desert, just as the army vehicle comes to pick him up.
I read it, read what you said it was about, then read it again and reading "Cigarette guts" while thinking of a little girl doesn't fit together well for me. I guess her brother could be older, but still. I was mainly focused in my mind on the girl and for that reason the tone the second time around seemed off key from what it felt like it should have been, though I may have been focusing on the wrong part. Still enjoyed, however.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I just think that the first 4 lines seem quite off. The smell of cancer or cigarette guts don't really relate to a girl and her brother in the mojave desert I think. Though I like that part actually best, it misses the point.

Apart from that, nice song.

Cheers n' Beers
It's all very good and I can picture it in my head, except for the very first paragraph. It just doesn't seem to fit with the theme of the song.
"Whoever said beauty is only skin deep must have been thinking of you."