Poll: How long does it take you to fall asleep?
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View poll results: How long does it take you to fall asleep?
8 5%
5-30 Minutes
68 39%
30 Minutes to 1 Hour
45 26%
Over 1 Hour
47 27%
I take sleeping aids.
6 3%
Voters: 174.
I have noticed lately that everyone I know has very little troubles falling asleep at night.

Anytime I have stayed with friends, had friends stayed over or been around anyone else that's falling asleep they seem to just knock right out within minutes.

I don't know what my problem is, but it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep at night.

It's really inconvenient for me. I don't know how to not think. I just think about random shit and my train of thought will change drastically then I can never remember what I was thinking about the next morning. Unless something really awesome happened during my day. If something really important or awesome happened I will think about that or replay it in my mind a couple of times then fall asleep.

I have noticed that I tense up my eyes for some reason when I try to sleep.
So I have making a point to try to relax my whole body every night when I close my eyes and try to sleep. And I guess it's helped some, but I still usually end up thinking for an hour or so.

So, pit, how long does it take you to fall asleep?
And what kinds of things do you think about before crashing?

(poll coming)
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It usually takes me at the very least a half an hour. If I'm really tired I'll just knock right out though. I don't usually go to bed until about 3 or 4 AM on school nights even.

TS, if you're desperate start exercising before you go to sleep.


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Anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours. I tend to inexplicably develop insomnia for a few months every year.

I used to actively try to empty my mind and relax when trying to sleep, but I don't think it helped. I've since decided to think "fuck it" and let my mind do whatever it wants, I think it's helped. And if it hasn't it's at least made sleeping less frustrating.
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TS, if you're desperate start fapping before you go to sleep.

youre lucky. i have insomnia. if i lay down when im tired ill just wake the **** up and get really add. ive slept a whole 6 hours in 3 days.. and its past 3 in the morning over here.
good shit huh?
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TS, if you're desperate start exercising before you go to sleep.


Helps me
^^^ I agree, you should really work out; helps.
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Yeah I've tried working out. And I actually usually do lately. Now that I got a 24 hour gym membership. But I've found that working out usually just makes me restless. Like I'm just physically drained but my mind still wanders for a while.

Fapping sometimes helps in all honesty.

Also I have to have my hunger just right to sleep fast. If I eat too soon before bed, or am too hungry I can't sleep.

I'm a weirdy.
On days that I work I sleep instantly, because I work midnights. On my weekend, it takes around an hour.
I suffer from sleep misperception so when i start to drop off i feel that i'm perfectly awake. Then the next thing i know is it's morning and i think i've only been asleep for an hour or two.

Means i can't tell how long it takes me to drop of, ever.
I'd suggest exercising earlier in the day. Doing it right before I go to bed makes me restless too, but if I wear myself out a few hours before I have time to lower my heart rate and let the jitters go away. Not to mention lookin' good for the ladies. Or dudes, whatever your thing is.
I really envy anyone who can actually fall asleep instantly. Takes me freaking forever. I usually just stay up until I fall asleep, provided it's a weekend or no school or whatnot.
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TS, if you're desperate start exercising before you go to sleep.

This usually makes the bed ten times more comfortable, but it doesn't help my sleeping at all. It usually takes me more than an hour to fall a sleep, though I can never maintain a consistent sleeping rythm. Though I actually managed to do it for a period last year, but at the time I was rather depressed, so I didn't feel like doing anything that could keep me awake anyway.
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Used to take me at least half an hour, sometimes hours: I was a pretty hyperactive kid. When I woke up in the morning I immediately jumped out of my bed. Maybe it's 'cos I always had energy to spare. Then as puberty started kicking in I almost instantly started switched to falling asleep within minutes

Still, I remember once, after returning home from vacation at about 4:00 am, that I only had 2 hours to get some sleep before leaving for school (I was somewhere between 5 and 6 years old at the time). I just fell on my bed and "poof", there I was again > 2 hours later, waking up to the sound of my alarm clock. It literally felt like no time had passed, which felt really freaky. My teacher later told me that my brain hadn't gotten the chance to sink into a deep sleep and dream a bit: apparently it's the sum of all these dreams that make you feel like time has indeed passed. So whether you sleep for 8 hours a night > if your brain only spends 4 of those hours dreaming, you'll get the feeling that you only slept for 4 hours after you wake up...

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Usually it takes me a few hours. I also tend to get really excited right before bed. It is summer right now so I don't give a ****, I haven't slept in awhile now lol O.o! Normaly it takes me about 2 hours or so during which I let my mind wonder onto some of the weirdest subjects...
It really depends. If I've done something in the day then around 5 minutes. If not then I just stick in my headphones and listen to music quietly, before I know it I'm waking up again to turn off my mp3 player for waking me up.
It takes me 1-2 hours. I also wake up a lot during the night, I hardly ever sleep straight through the night. But I have some mood-related issues, which is most likely the cause.

Showering at night helps a little, though. It calms you down at night and gives you a little longer to sleep in the next morning.
Half an hour tops. But everyday I go to the gym, got band practice or seeing a friend plus homework later on. So im always abit tired when it gets late.

But if i got something on my mind it can keep me up.
Within half an hour depending how tired I am; generally sleep around 7/8 hours a night and am up by 7/half 7 am without any trouble.
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Generally takes over an hour. No matter how tired I am, I always wake up a lot as soon as I get into bed. Except when I'm drunk, then I just lie down and pass out.
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I gotta clear my mind when i sleep.
If my thoughts are running wild I'll probably take like hrs to fall asleep and that sucks when u are ****ing sleepy .
Am i the only one?
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Time is not an entity in itself, It is a construct of our mind to measure increments/moments of our lives. It is therefore irrelevant to state how much time is taken to fall asleep.

Not if the question is "how much time does it take you to fall asleep". Then it's about as relevant as you can get.
At night, it takes forever for me to sleep. Clearing my mind and being calm doesn't work, and exercising just gives me more energy. I have to talk to myself or something for an hour to tire my brain/mouth out, which sucks.

I can sleep immediately any other time of day though and I never wake up, which is good for long-haul flights and stuff so I never have jet lag.
From half-an-hour to an hour for me, I stay awake until I get tired and then come about 4am I get all panicky that the sun is coming up soon so I try and sleep, only I'm so paranoid about falling asleep that I inevitably lie in bed for what feels like an age.
As of late, I fall asleep in no time at all, but normally I'd say it takes a good half-hour to an hour for me to drift into deep sleep.
Feel tired and go to bed.
Try to get some sleep for 1-2 hours.
Get up, play guitar, watch TV, listen to music etc.
Sometimes I stay up all night and other times when I feel bored or tired I try to get back to sleep.
I wish I could fall asleep instantly. Usually it takes me ~30 minutes.
I take sleeping aids and even then it takes me well over an hour to fall asleep. So count yourself lucky TS.
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about an hour depending on how much ive drank and what time i got up before hand.
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