Hello, I'm new here and I was wondering if you guys can help with couple things.

I am wondering if the Big Baby Taylor is a good guitar to start of with.
I am getting it for around 330 at Guitar Center New, with a discount coupon.

I really love this guitar since its just I don't know.

Would you guys recommend any other guitars below 350 that may be better then the Big Baby Taylor?
I've also had the Seagull S6 because I heard it was the best guitar under 500, but personally i did not like it, when i would strum it would buzz a lot also.
If so you think there are better choices post, and please tell me if you think the Big Baby Taylor is good.

Thank you!!
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if you like the sound and feel of the big baby, there's no reason not to buy one. buying a guitar is a lot about personal preference, really.

i've played a lot of seagull s6's, and i owned one. i've never had one buzz, so i expect that the problem was the particular guitar, not the s6 line. keep in mind that guitars at gc are abused a lot.

if you don't want a seagull, have you tried a yamaha fg730s? a nice guitar with a great finish, solid top and good sound.

also if you're going in to a store in person today, you might check the parkwoods - they're a bit on the plain side, but they're all solid wood, sound pretty good and usually on sale at gc on holidays.
I have one... thats definitely a good price. Beyond that, its about finding what is most comfortable to you. Forums are always good for recommendations, but what feels great to one person's hand could feel bad to another's.

I'd say make sure you play everything in your price range to make sure, but don't overthink your decision when you make it.
check out the fender cd-60ce. i have one, i like it. Its been my main guitars for the last few gigs. I would check it out. In the end though, get the one you like best.