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Music doesnt need to be quality to be good.

Press eject, give me the tape, if you know what's good for you
That was really quite cool.
The drums annoyed me though. They didn't flow at all. Good song though.
Forkman made me LOL :P

I really loved that riff from the intro and how it sounds with the bass and the drums. Really good.

Loved what starts at bar 88 as well. The drums make it really powerful... But then it fades. I don't think this riff is good for a fade-out. It sounds like it's really the highlight of the song, and then it just fades. Maybe you should just let it play a bit longer.

You have really good melodies in this and it's really fun to listen to. Aaron said the drums didn't flow - But I actually think that was a good thing. Sounds different.

Basically, I think it's good, but a bit too short... On the other hand it kinda leaves you wanting more, so... I dunno.

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