Ok so my drummer refuses to track first so how should I go about handling this? Lay down a guitar scratch track? then delete it and record another guitar track later?
If the drummer's adamant about being such an unprofessional idiot then aye you'll have to do scratch tracks first. The problem with this is that you'll have to get the scratch track nailed to the metronome because as much as they hate to admit it most drummers dont listen to the metronome, they listen to the scratch.
So any tiny mistake made rhythmically will affect the drummer. You may not even notice it until much further down the line.

A better idea may be to record a scratch bass track. Depends on the type of music and if this is a viable option in terms of the structure of the song though.
1. Fire Drummer.
2. Use a drum program like Addictive Drums or Superior Drummer
3. ???
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you could do something like make up the guitar track in guitar pro/tux guitar/whatever and have him play to that. it will be as on time as a metronome, but still contain the song structure.

sounds like your drummer might need the help of the other instruments to know where exactly he is in the song. if its a repetative song and he plays a lot of the same stuff, it might be easy to lose track.
or maybe he is like me and hates playing to a straight click. not a drummer, but i cant stand just playing to a click. i feel like it makes my playing less dynamic when playing to a click, as opposed to even just some lame synth stuff that has some of the feel of the song.

what i mean is, try to find out why he doesnt want to track first. he may have a very good reason for it that makes sense.
I always scratch first anyway, or at least have a demo'd drum loop going at the bpm I want. That'll give your drummer something more to work with.
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