Bit of an over done question but an ideas on what guitar I sholud buy?

I want a kind of vintage sound for clean like the kinks, almost acoustic but harder stuff also like sabbath, greenday nirvana ect. But that vintage clean sounds is what I'm really after.

Now I tried the gretsch 5125g uk version with ( dynasonic ? ) humbuckers. And I was pretty blown away. I've been also looking at the epi casion and its a lot cheaper so is it a lesser guitar. and I tried a fender tele hollow but I didn't like that to much.

As you can tell I like hollow bodies but that's not to important. Price well I have a max of £1100 but, there's always but that must include a decent hard case, so its more like £800 really.

I don't mind not buying my ideal guitar because I play to get a little work done anyway.

Oh and a trem isn't that big a deal but a nice addition.

Thanks in advance
if you had the cash, a gretsch tim armstrong might be up ur street. But only way ur gonna find out what you like is if you try it out ofc

What about a SG? Thing is with that, the only one i know of which'll be up ur street is in a guitar shop near where i am. a '68 with a bigsby and p90 in the bridge. £1800 though lol

Maybe a les paul? you could mod it with a stetsbar if you wanted a trem. And it should be able to pull off cleans well.

Depends which way you want to lean more, Metal/Rock/grunge or the kinks lol