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For sale:

Fender Mexican Telecaster (2007)
• Midnight Wine Finish
• Maple Neck/Fretboard
• Mint Condition - no visible scratches, no nicks/dents/chips.
• Plays beautifully
• All original
£315 (sensible offers considered, collection preferred so you can try it out - London)

Marshall 40W JCM2000 DSL401 Combo
• Perfect condition
• Not had much use (hence selling)
• Tubes in good condition
• Only bedroom use (no wear/tear whatsoever)
£420 (sensible offers considered, collection preferred from Birmingham)

Things I would consider trading for: MIJ Telecaster / Fender Deluxe Reverb.
As aforementioned, sensible offers considered, factoring in the perfect condition of these two items.
Can you post a pic of the telecaster?
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Hmmm, interested.

Slightly concerned about the 'needing new valves' though. With a quick test not being available (because it's condition will only presumably be validly measurable with replaced valves) I am unsure as to how I can purchase with confidence - or reasonable, second-hand-purchase confidence...Is there a way of demonstrating (or guaranteeing) the amp's condition?
^ Fair point.

The reason I've reduced the price rather than change the tubes myself is because people have different preferences about the brands they want etc. To be honest since I would only be retubing to sell I would put in whatever was most economical and rebias it myself. The buyer however would most likely but their 'tubes of choice' in which I would presume would be better quality etc.

It needs new valves because there has been a loss of volume, and there is a bit of whistling. The amp is still playable, but just needs new valves.

Next week or so I will be taking another amp in to a tech to have it looked over. What I can do is take the DSL as well. If he takes a look at it and says there's nothing wrong apart from the tubes, then that would be a guarantee.

Alternatively if you were serious about buying the amp we could discuss other arrangements. I could draw up a contract to reflect what we've agreed and thus you would have protection concretised in an agreement (whatever that protection/guarantee would be).

It's really up to you.

Where are you based by the way. I plan on taking my amp in to a tech in Birmingham, if you're local we could meet up or something. Really up to you pal.
Alright Duv,
I'm mates with daniel_bull, in fact we're in the same band! I sent him in your direction to have a look at the amp.
However, I do know that he doesn't get online very often so his replies maybe limited.
I'll pass your reply onto him when I see him next (tomorrow) and post any response back.
Quote by machin05
Alright Duv,
I'm mates with daniel_bull, in fact we're in the same band! I sent him in your direction to have a look at the amp.
However, I do know that he doesn't get online very often so his replies maybe limited.
I'll pass your reply onto him when I see him next (tomorrow) and post any response back.

Thanks a lot mate. Well given that you're both local, that's brilliant. Hopefully we can work something out.

Again, next Tuesday I plan to go in to see a tech about another amp so I can take the DSL along as well. It would be nice if your mate Dan could come in with me and see that the amp is in good order.

He can have a play on it, and, once someone has had a look at it will know the amp is great. Let me know what would be best, and, where does your bandmate live? I plan to see a tech in Birmingham or Edgbaston.
Alright Duv,
I had a chat with Dan, he's definitely tempted but cash flow is a bit stemmed at the mo. He'll be more happy once you've had the amp looked at on Tuesday and can confirm that replacing the tubes will get it back up to speed.
Let us know what the tech says and I'll pass the info on.
Brilliant. I've come back to Birmingham now and I'll be here for the rest of the summer.

I'll be taking the amp in at some point this week, probably closer to the end.

I'm in no rush to sell so if he's having cash flow problems now that doesn't rule out the possibility of a sale later. What it does mean though is that the longer he puts it off the greater the chance of me getting another offer.

Hopefully we can sort something out sooner rather than later, and I'll keep you posted on what the tech says.

Cheers mate.
Not yet mate. I'm buying a Fender Deluxe Reverb secondhand which I need to get checked out. Paypal are being really slow so receiving that has been delayed. When I have that in I'll take them both to a local tech.

Where abouts are you in Birmingham, would you or your mate like to come with if you're free so you can be sure it's ok? I've heard good things about a tech in/by Rich Bitch studios in Edgbaston or maybe the guy at PMT Birmingham? Or if you know someone else who's good/cheap I could go with them?
We both actually live in Wolves and work full time so probably won't be able to meet with you during the week. Weekends might be an option though.

The only Tech I've used in Brum is the guy who used to be associated with Sound Control, down by the arches at St. Chads. I think the shop has since closed down but I believe his workshop is still there.
Hmm yeh, I believe I went to that guy by Sound Control to have some pots changed years ago. I'll ring up these lot and get a price quote. I've heard good things about the Sound Control guy and the one by Rich Bitch.

As for guitarguitar, I popped in recently. Lovely little store. Good range of instruments and the guy who I was with was very helpful and friendly. Plus the major benefit is they have a load of stores around the country and they can move around their stock if they haven't got something you're after. Prices were reasonable. Check it out if you can.

I'll give you a buzz as soon as I get my Deluxe in. I'm hoping to collect it on Friday and so would try and get the amps seen to on the weekend. Either way I'll keep you posted.

The amp has gone in to Phil at PMT Birmingham. He's going to give it a thorough going over tomorrow and I should have news on the condition and have it back by the end of the week. He said he would also give the speaker a proper check too.

I'll report back with more news soon.

Machin, how's your mate's cash-flow situation btw? I would preferably like to get this deal done asap. Also if he wants me to deliver to Wolves I can (charging for petrol).
I'll have a chat with him on Thursday mate. I guess he'll want to know what Phil has to say before making a call on it.

I'll let you know though chap.
Alright. Got the amp back from Phil today.

He gave it a thorough inspection and a clean bill of health. In fact he said it was in excellent condition in all ways. He said he was very impressed with it. The speaker was also mint. Absolutely no complaints and gripes and it's been cleaned out thoroughly as well.

Bearing that in mind and the cost of the service I feel it's fair to ask for slightly more for the amp. I'm looking for £340 outright, or if it's to Wolves, £350 delivered.

To be honest I expected there to be some wear and degradation in this machine but since a seasoned tech said this amp is perfect and there weren't even minor gripes from the guy I feel asking for a bit more is reasonable. Especially since I had to pay to get this done.

Hope that's all OK and that we can do business soon. I have the report on the amp as well which I can show you on completion and he stickered the back stating that the amp had been serviced.

Just called him up again now and here's what he said (paraphrased)

Well he said that as a recommendation (to you the buyer) that you can retube if you want.

At the same time the output tubes definitely have a lot of go in them and are stable and it is good as it is. The tubes in there are fine and still have life in them.

The bias and everything is fine, and the efficiency with which it is all running is perfect. Electrical safety test was perfect and it's had a clean.

He resecured the mains and output transformers and there is no noise or anything.

As such it is in better condition than I expected and he said everything else was perfect.

If your mate does want to buy it I'd say if you want to get it retubed you can do so in the short to medium term, though this is not essential just yet. If anything you might want to retube it according to your tastes. Phil recommended JJ or Groove Tubes which I know have a fair bit of bite to them and break up quite early.

To be honest that's the main reason I didn't retube myself is for this reason; because it's all a preference thing.

Hope that's all OK, running it by your mate and all as well. If there's any other questions or anything let me know.

As I said before £340 collected, £350 delivered to Wolverhampton.

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