See what you think of this song and video, opinions are greatly appreciated

I am looking for some opinions on this song and the video. There has been a colossal amount of work put into this and myself and the band are looking for some feedback, opinions, criticisms anything at all that will help us progress and get better.

This whole thing was done virtually single handed in 2 months


synopsis below

Created and directed by Ben Daure
Illustrations by Tom Box

Music - Open Party "Exit_Plan" *removed*

The video is about a colony of resisters living under the power of the evil computer chips. Life is depressing, repetitive and meaningless. After, a lone resister discovers the horrifying secret of their existence which triggers a violent revolution.

This video was originally going to be very minimalist, however I kept thinking that it wasn't epic enough after each shot so I expanded again and again until eventually it became ridiculously complex to make. I made the whole animation inside of after effects, I also made the Giant stage and the light show inside of after effects too. It took 2 months to create the video from the first idea to the finished thing, but it was brilliant fun to make

please tell me what you think, feedback is always very much appreciated.

Ben Daure
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