So I'm going to get a new amp and guitar in a couple of weeks and am not quite sure on the difference between the these amps:



The HT-5 is £100 cheaper but the money isn't really a problem. I want to have an amp that will last me a while. I don't play in a band or live so is the mini stack necessary? Does the mini stack have a better sound or is it just louder?
Thank you very much for replies
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Kay, thanks guys. I'll just get the combo
The Internet: It's serious business
IMO get the head and find a nice 2x12 of a different brand. I didn't like the speakers provided. It WILL sound louder and more full with more speakers. I wouldn't get the mini-stack though.

Not sure whats up with all the external speaker hate.
Buy Mine :d
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seeing as you are in england and have access to orange at non rediculous prices, my advise would be to get the HT-5 head and an Orange 1x12" cab.