hey guys. so yeah, im a singer/songwriter and yeah, i just wanted to start a thread for those people who are singer/song writers and looking for that specific tone in hand.

At the moment, i have a Maton m225 and i paid 1,100 NZD for this. I strung it with clapton 13's and going to upgrade the nut and saddle to bone material and also planning to install L.R. Baggs iBeam active. I like how it sounds but its too boomy for me, i think ill change it later for a smaller body guitar, something that sounds balanced and tight sounding when strummed hard or soft. I'm looking for a better guitar and it sux because i live in New Zealand, im studying in a university, i work for less than 5 hours a week and only gain $12.75 without tax, good guitars are rare and because they are rare they are also so damn expensive like Larrivee, Breedlove, Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Maton, Guild and all other guitar brands that are good.

Im still learning guitar, and trying to get better with my songs. I've never played on a bar before, just in my bedroom or with my family.

I'm not that good enough to say or dictate what sounds good and what not. But yeah, i want to hear you guys, or whats your opinion or tips with a singer/songwriter, or maybe what guitars you guys have and what do you love about it? maybe your not satisfied with your guitar and your looking for that specific tone or maybe its just too boomy like my one? maybe you guys can say what is your preferred wood combination and stuff or maybe you're just GASing for that beautiful guitar?

yeah, im not really that good with english, but yeah just bear with it.

mmm yeah, if you feel like saying something useful and awsome, then go. hope you guys make this thread helpful for everyone.!

[Edit] for those stupid ones, it'll be better if you just stay away from this thread. thanks.
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I don't know If I could be classified as a singer/songwriter, but I do write (not always acoustic, and not always guitar haha) and love to play guitar and sing (although I'm not that great of a singer). I've got an Alvarez MD90C; all solid wood, spruce top, rosewood backs/sides, electronics (undersaddle pickup AND mic in the soundhole), very padded case...and simply beautiful.

But I'd say if you feel confident enough to play live, just find an open mic and play a song or two, those are always fun.

But yeah, when I write, I don't always stick to guitar. I've written for piano a bit, and even one song for Mallets (Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Chimes). Just do what you want/like to make your song...well, your song.
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i feel like i can play live. at uni we've got a bar and they always have an open mic night. but yeah, ive heard good some good artists there. But yeah, i just enjoy playing guitar while singing so much.