Jim root strat? = /
still seems pretty nice
Should posted it on gear & accessories though under a NGD
Nice guitar but I have a really silly question.
Is that really your rig for praticing at home? It looks like something that could permanently ruin your neighbors days!
Looks amazing
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Nice, How much that set you back?
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Yeah sorry i just read that,vid added.

battery for active pivck-ups.

:S Seems like such a big cavity for the battery.

How's the Carl Martin boost? I've been looking at getting one for my Laney.
This is one of the best NGD threads in a long time.

Even better than that PRS one. There's something classy about the man's appearance and I really like the guitar for once >_>
i've never seen a strat like this, mahogany, back panels, emg's, just 1 switch(assuming its volume?), no inlays. this is pretty ill, HNGD
HNGD!!! I love the Root Teles and was pretty stocked for the strats. The Double white keeps a more traditional look IMO than the double black strat does. Though, The white tele with the ebony fret board just gets to me!