I play an Ibanez RG320FA, i am still using the standard pickups ( not sure what they are but believe they might be DiMarzio). I also use an electro-harmonix Metal Muff (not the micro!) for distortion and an couple of years old Kustom KGA10FX amp. I do not play seriously so this has been my gear for a while. I do not tour or anything.

I took a break from it about six months ago and I was just coming back to it. I mastered a solo in about 3 days, and went to try it out with the distortion and the amp.

I am still very unsatisfied with the sound I am getting, the tone and level of distortion is perfect. But the strings seem very sensetive and after taking a finger of the string and mving onto another string, the string still rings through the amp, meaning you cannot hear the song properly. It is extremely noticeable on soloing, not so bad for chords but still sounds untidy.

What is causing it? I reckeon it might be the pickups or the amp, but I have no idea. Also how can i fix it?

All comments appreciated. Thanks
I believe it might be due to your muting technique. Do you mute the unwanted strings from ringing out while playing the solo? While unplugged you might not even notice em, if the solo's played with distortion your best bet is to learn it with distortion because while playing on a good amount of distortion you need to mute those strings which you might hit by accident. I believe it's technique based
i already have a noise reducer, and to be honest i dont really think it works that well. I will tkae the advice of the first gentleman.

Besides, its better to do it the harder way and come out the other side with a better outcome.

What kind of exercises should i approach to help me?
work on your picking. twhat you described is often a result of poor picking practices and perhaps to much volume on the amp. do you run your MM thru the clean channel? if not you really should for better control of your distortion sound. for your left hand learn to use as little motion as you can get away with to cut down on hitting other strings with your fingers. as mentioned muting them is also very important especially in high gain situations.