you can get it in guitarcenter i believe they have it in that finish. I don't think you can get it for a cheaper price anywhere. Its an american strat 100% sure
The only time I played one/ saw one was in this particular model... sorry

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there was a squier ones. i think it was the standard series
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I'm fairly certain that with that finish you can be assured it is an American Standard. I own one and have never seen that finish on any other type of strat. I'm also pretty sure it was introduced on the '08 model so you can be fairly sure of the year too.
dude i hate strats but that is sexy
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Wtf? Is that flame maple?

EDIT: (on a squier strat)

Either some very thin veneer or photo flame.
I sure have seen them go for $1200 new on ebay.. and since that's in pounds then I dont think they are any cheaper in that site.

And no, only american standards come in that color I think. They need a special wood threatment or something (check fender's site) so I dont think that finish will be used in cheaper models (squiers and MIM's)