Hey there, i was browsing Craig's List for a bit like usual and came across this seemingly great deal:


Now I know next to nothing about vintage amplifiers or anything, but the website he provided said it was 500w at an unknown ohm. Is this a good amp, or is there a catch? Anyone have any experience?

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It is probably a 4 ohm and 200 watt cab. Kustom didn't make a 500 watt amp in the 60' and 70's. I still have my Kustom 200 head which is a 100 watt head. I have a 2-15" sparkle blue
cab that sounds great with it. I wish I had kept the original cab. That was part of my first rig.

ps. the cab could have been re-speakered and be a 500 watter but they are originals, it's not likely
If it is the Kustom 315-AB-1, then it has 3x15" Altec Lansing 421-A speakers rated at 100 watts each, for a total of 300 watts. If it is the 3-D140F-1, it has 3x15" JBL D140f speakers, and I don't know what they are rated at (I have heard too many different answers). If it is a 315-B1, It has Kustom speakers and is rated at at least 300 watts.
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