Been playing just over a year now and I've got my Bugera 6262 and my Guitar i love

Now it's time to start building pedals

Any idea what's something i should look out for?

I've been thinking of a noise reduction pedal and want something decent that doesn't suck tone

I've got a whammy pedal it's a dunlop but i can't remember the model name that adds a bit of noise to the amp, it seems to suck out some gain as well but it doesn't matter anyway as my bugera has shit loads of gain.

Perhaps a chorus for some solo stuff to make it a bit more smoother?

Birthday is coming up and thought i'd get something as a present from the gf such as a pedal
Umm... I wouldn't call a chorus pedal something that smoothes out your sound. Perhaps go to a store and see what effects you like? If you want a smoother tone, perhaps get an overdrive pedal such as a tubescreamer

If you want a good noise gate that dosen't affect your signal too much, try an ISP decimator.

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There's no music shops around me that will let you test out pedals as most of them you actually have to order in... they have like 4 pedals behind the counter -_-
How's the Boss NS2 pedal? Thinking about grabbing one cheap as the buzz from my wah pedal is getting annoying, also what would be the best place to put it? After the wah? Or in the preamp?