Tone's a bit strange. Especially on the lead parts. However, it's a very nice cover. 8/10
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yeah your tone at the intro is pretty weird. are you playing the right notes? right tuning?
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It's cool how you've done it with two of you... but as the other two said, your tone is pretty weird, like the two guitar effects are out of phase with each other at certain points.
But I like the playing very much, the harmonies fit well with each other - and although i said the tone was weird, it still sounds sick! The bit at 2.10 i wouldn't dream of doing, but well played!

Btw, nice cat.. haha

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Youtube messed up my tone, it sounds like im in a weird tuning.

Thanks everyone btw! =D
Yeah, that's a big problem with youtube... although, did you upload it in hd? Because apparently there have been some regular problems with sound quality especially when uploading in hd...
Im uploading in hd yeah:P

But im quite happy the sounds i get, compared to other youtube videos. (though it is annoying to listen to someone out of tune)
It was a great cover. Really, the only thing that I can find a problem with is your tone is really weird at times, like you had some effect on. But the playing was good.

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