i'm thinking about getting one to build up strength in my my thumb and pinky, is it worth the money?
They work....I think playing works better though, that way you'll also get your fingertips strengthened up, and you actually get some practice in
I got one, used it for a week, and then one of the fingerplacements broke : / it was pretty helpfull though, it increased my finger strength significantly
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& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
thanks for the info, i know playing will be more effective but i have to stop after about 30 mins as my thumb goes stiff so i'm trying to find away of building strength up in it
I've been thinking of getting one myself...

It could be useful to use while running errands on the street.
(I'm a law university student senior, and i'm working part-time at a lawyer's office, so i spend LOTS of time walking around town running errands).
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Check out the "Gripmaster" also. Think it's a tad cheaper, no funny gel things on the finger places, but then again strings aren't that smooth to touch either.

I've got one, very easy to use, really helps.