Harley Benton GA-15
15W Tube Amp

Harley Benton GA15 Full Tube Guitar Combo - 15W, 1x 10" speaker, 1-channel, 3-band EQ, volume control, 2x 12AX7 preamp valves, 2x EL84 power-amp valves, line out (jack), FX loop, 3x speaker outputs (4/8/16ohms), headphone output. Dimensions: 42.5 x 39 x 25.5cm (WxHxD). Weight: 15.7kg.

Used this for about 6 months now, great amp for cleans and gets a nice crunch as you turn up to jamming/gigging volumes.
I modified the amp to run at 240V (UK Standard) as they come packaged at 230V which can be dangerous for the amp and shorten tube life. Doing this mod means the amp will work like any other amp in the UK.

£75 + p&p or collection