I Have an ESP LTD M-350

I got it second hand, all hardware is in good condition, but the bridge pickup has been swapped out with a EMG 81 active, single coil removed and the neck pickup is god knows what (its not active)

as you may imagine, it doesn't sound crash hot or very versatile in its current configuration..

I was to replace all of my pickups (no longer want the emg 81)

looking a second hand pickups as they dont really seem to break down and only sound is important to me, not looks.

Been looking and ibanez HSH configurations like the INF3 - INFS3 - INF4, or something similar.

If anybody has something they'd like to trade or can suggest a pickup config that would be great.

I play mostly rock, blues, sometimes metal.. but to give you an idea it will be pushed through a peavey windsor studio, (soon to have a jensen p12r speaker and EH tubes)

thanks for your input.