Okay so I have a Jackson DKMG Dinky and i looked up its scale length and its a 25.5"/648mm and i was wondering if that was longer or shorter than an 'average' guitar. I was also wondering if the strings are more tense on it because its scale length because i play 11s and i'm considering increasing. So yeah. thanks if you can help me confus
The most used length is probably 25.5"

Longer scale length does increase tension, but they feel tight because you use 11s.

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25.5" and 24.75" are the two most standard scale lengths. Longer than 25.5" is considered baritone and normally only used when tuning down. Shorter than 24.75" scale is considered short scale though is used just like a standard scale is. The actual difference in feel between different scale lengths isn't much unless you're comparing a big jump like 24" vs 26.5" - just 25.5" vs 25", for example, won't be noticably different.

As far as the tension goes, that's almost all in the string gauge. Longer scale lengths do increase tension, but your scale is standard. Tiltback headstocks and certain types of bridge can increase tension too, but there's not much you can do about either of those. If your strings are already at a tension you find comfortable, don't go any thicker. There is nothing that thicker strings can give you that is worth the price of not being able to play as well and easily.
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Tension is affected by scale length and string gauge. Mess around on this: http://www.mcdonaldstrings.com/stringxxiii.html to see how yourself.

On my 24" Jag I use 0.011s and on my other fenders (25.5") I use 0.010s. To be honest there is slightly more tension on my Jag than the others.
Tension and stiffness are different things though. Higher break angle and shorter string lengths AFTER the breaking points (nut, saddles) will result in a stiffer feel. That's why wrapping around the stop bar of a tune-o-matic or playing top loader Teles feel less stiff.
I've always played guitars that were 25.5" scale length. Could never get used to the 24.75". A lot of people say the difference isn't that noticeable but for me it really is.

My PRS is a 25" scale length. It's the only guitar I've ever played with this scale length and now I really think it's ideal. Really enjoy playing that guitar.
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