Inspired partially by AFI, and partially by Lights Resolve, and mostly just by me diddling around on bass and GP. I wrote half of it last night (technically, this morning, but w/e), and half of it now that I'm awake.

Edit: First draft of the lyrics are done; there's a link in my sig, under "Fairytale Ending".
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I'm not to big a fan when the intro starts, but when the band enters it gets good. Though the verses aren't too eventful, vocals will change that. The chorus is catchy, the 2nd chorus especially with the 2nd guitar. The bridge is my favorite part of this song, even though the progression isn't to original, it works well.

It did in fact give me the AFI feel, so much to where I can hear Davey singing over it. Good Job, it's a decent song. Not one I'll remember to be honest, but, It's still very good.

Yes, poop.