Hi, I'm looking for some durable, decent sounding headphones at the lowest possible price. I'm fedup of stupid skullcandy earbuds breaking every 3 months, so I want something that will last. I'm debating between the skullcandy hesh, sony mdr v6, sennheiser hd 280/555, and any other suggestions you have. I'm not an audiophile and I will be using these headphones with my ps3, for music (but they are 128 kbps mp3s) and for pc gaming.

Also, i heard that nicer headphones like the mdr v6 could make my lower quality mp3s sound like crap?? and id actually be worse off with better headphones? what exactly does this mean?

I was in your position recently. I settled with the 555's. I have zero regrets. They were cheap, comparatively speaking, they are super comfortable, and the sound is excellent. I am not an expert, but do listen to all types of music. From Floyd, to BB King, some didgeridoo; as well as old school rap. You will be amazed by what you've never heard! I use them with my Kustom amp, and even my iphone. I have yet to find a flaw. I was able to tell a difference, to the better, after breaking them in. As a non-pro audiophile who enjoys music, with 50 percent being 128kps, I would highly recommend the Sennheiser HD555's. IMO-
hmm ok thanks alot!

the problem is that i'm in canada so the hd 555's are about $180 for me (instead of the $110 or so US price), whereas the MDR V6 is $110 for me here, so i am considering that option, and im interested in how the hd 555 compares to the mdr v6
Skullcandy are junk.

Grado SR60s. They're audiophile quality for $69. The pair of Grados I have are 15 years old.