hey guys

need a little help,

im looking to buy a Parker-P44

now, i know Piezo's create a realistic acoustic sound,

but can anyone explain how they are used?

like, do i need a diffrent amp?

will it be clean through a dirty channel? as it isnt magnetic?

please help!
piezos crate current through vibrations or vibrations through current dependong on how they are used
and they have a very weak output so without a pre amp(im not sure if the parker has one or not) youll probably have to crank up the amp to hear it at all
you dont need a different amp just know that an electric guitar amp is made to have some distortion and you dont want that for an acoustic sound
and the fact that they arent magnetic has nothing to do with how distorted it gets
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Piezo saddles have a crystal in them that convert vibrations to electrical impulses that in turn go to the preamp. Piezos without a preamp sound very thin and don't really mix well. The preamp reshapes the sound and sends it to whatever amp you're running it to. The amp has less to do with distortion than it does with the actual pickup. piezos pickup a HUGE frequency range that all has to be amplified to hear the distinct "acoustic" tone. electric guitar amps are designed to amplify the much smaller range that magnetic pickups send and therefore don't get the best tone out of piezo pickups.

You don't technically need an acoustic amp, but be sure to set the amp to the cleanest setting for running the piezos through. they will still distort if you want them to, but it sounds muddy and awful and I don't recommend it.