I meant to continue the NWOBHM series of threads I had lined up, but this band has been kicking my ass too much lately for me to do that.

I need to get to this first.

I'm sure most of us are aware that there's been a little "revival" of old school metal. A lot of these bands that have come up, like Portrait or Dark Forest, are actually quite good. But a fair portion of these bands have been generic as fukk (I'm looking at you White Wizzard).

This band of Swedes is totally different. They take the old way of metal and twist it into their own style. While sharing striking similarities with King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, I can honestly say this band has honed their own style of unadulterated, pure, ass kicking.

Unrelenting in nature, this band has mystified me for the last few months. Lightbringer and Forced Entry have been getting more than constant spins from me.

But again, this is another band that just has to be experienced.

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RAM - Awakening The Chimaera

RAM - In Victory
There have been some really good heavy metal albums in the last few years man and this is no exception, great find man
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Lightbringer is a brilliant album, it takes what they did on the first album and adds to it, unbelievable how good that album is. It goes from Mercyful Fate sounding to Manowar sounding but within their own definite sound.

RAM, Dark Forest and Striker are the three best recent heavy metal bands.
I listened to couple of songs the other day, damn good. I'll give it a proper listen in a bit.
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Thanks for this man, great find.

lol - though looking at their MA page, couldn't help but be amused by the title of the first album, for the same reasons as Judas Priest's "Ram it Down" for example.

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Excellent find. Which album should I start with?
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^they only have two, according to MA the second one is better, but I suppose it's all down to opinion.

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