I love metal but as a guitarist I want to broden my taste. What types of music should i listen to that are cool on guitar. What bands or individuals should i check out. I like blues but don't know many names of players. Also people always mention jazz but have never listened to it. I'm at the beginner level so what would be easier songs to check out. I'm open to any genre of music.
Listen to some fusion: Planet X, Dave Weckl Band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Al Di Meola, John Scofield etc. Lots of great guitar stuff in that genre!
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For blues, I'd say check out the John Mayer Trio's set from Where The Light Is. Some great blues stuff there.

Also, I'm sure you know Hendrix and Zeppelin. Those are both blues.
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Jazz is going to require the learning of new chords. I'm not really into the old, classic jazz, but do like smooth jazz. Here are some of the artists I'd consider:

Larry Carlton
Chuck Mangione
Blake Aaron
George Benson
Steely Dan (Jazz Rock)
Mark Whitfield
Kenneth Preston

There are obviously others, but this will give you a good start. Learning the new chords to play these songs will take a little time, especially if you're just starting out.
Blues: Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Really fun to play if you can get the vibe down.

Jazz: Chuck Loeb has some pretty simple songs (check out harbor lights), Ronny Jordan as well.
Alternative rock from the 90's is fun to jam.
I think you would enjoy checking out the Joe Bonamassa clips on youtube.
If you are interested in blues, I'd suggest going back to the sources. YouTube is full of great recordings of the original blues masters; Muddy Waters, James Elmore, Robert Johnson...Many more. The guitar playing ranges from raw emotion to sophisticated fingerstyle playing that influenced the whole generation of "rock" players who came before the folks being mentioned in the above posts.
Check out Stevie Ray Vaughn, he's a blues man.
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Lee Ritenour
Ronnie Jordan
Larry Carlton
Chuck Loeb
Acoustic Alchemy
Peter White
Larry Coryell

Give the first four a try first. Very good smooth jazz.