ok so yesterday i went on an epic journey to download Ragnarok. i have an account thing made and ive downloaded it. but each of the shortcuts i have to play (Ragnarok, ragnarok free, valkyrie, and sakray) all either have a problem downloading an update, and ragnarok free get to the log in screen, but it says ive run out of paid time. so how in the name of sweet baby Buddha do i get this to work?
its an mmorpg :p and i got it guys so thread closed xD of course right when im done posting that it works...
you know what the ironic thing is. The ragnarok servers I played all were overcrowded with Brasilian people who would spam stuff like "heal, por favor" up to a point where I really dont want to help anyone using that terminology.

I really dont know why it wouldt work. if you have the correct downloads from the correct website it should be able to patch properly. You could also try to download a full version from a private server(make sure its not a custom version) and try to let that one patch. its the same RO and Sakray.
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oh btw:
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Ragnarok is coming later today.
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