Ok so i play in a christian band out of my church in Ohio and we have alot of shows coming up this summer. Right now im playing a Fender CD140 acoustic electric, which most places we go ill be running through a DI so im not too concerned about an amp for that. But my current electric setup is a MIM Fender Stratocaster HSS, Digitech RP355, and my amp is a Raven RG20. Im really wanting to get new gear, im currently looking at getting an American Strat, or a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and I know i need a new amp, preferably tube. But im unsure which I should go after first? Its also a possibility that I'll be running my electric and pedalboard through a DI too..so that being said which way should I go?

This is the Amp im currently interested in getting too, any better suggestions in the pricerange? http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-FEN-2232200-000-LIST

Thanks to all who can help me out, and God bless.
can you describe the sound you're going after... christian music is about as diverse as anything i've ever heard. it ranges from super clean to the heaviest death metal esque stuff to country sounding things to pop rock, etc. maybe list off a few bands/artists or something?
We play alot of different stuff. Cover wise we play alot of Hillsong, Tye Tribbett, Isreal Houghton, Desperation Band, Leeland, Indiana Bible College. We also do original stuff, you can check that out at myspace.com/hcalling (we only have 2 song up right now but are in the process of recording an EP in which im playing acoustic guitar) So all the different things we play pretty much require me to be able to get nearly any sound you can thing of with the excepton of hardcore metal obviously. Personally, sound wise I really like John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix and Jonny Lang's sounds. Hope that helps you, help me.
First of all, the MIM is a decent guitar, not great but OK. If it's not giving you problems you might consider going for the amp you've chosen first (I usually don't say this but it's not like you have a $300 guitar there!). If you really want a new guitar first the two you've chosen will really cover most genres fine. Very different from each other though in feel and basic sound.
I'd play both and make your decision based on that. Remember you can always rent an amp for gigs if you need to but I'd never consider trying to rent a guitar.
Moving on.....
i've rented both guitars and amps for gigs. not a problem for me at all. i feel at home on almost any guitar, just some feel better than others. i refuse jackson and ibanez for my electrics, but anything else i'm fine with really. but generally you wont want to rent since it might feel weird and you dont know your way around a new guitars neck.

but yeah, like above poster said, go for an amp first. your guitar is actually pretty good. the fender amp you chose has pretty damn good cleans. with a fuzz or an od pedal, you should really be able to hit most of the artists/bands you've listed with ease. and i only say pedal because i'm not a fan of any fender's od channels. i find them harsh, shrill and generally rather weak sounding. but slap on a pedal, and they sing.