alright, so awhile back i made a thread looking for a good interface to use for a pro tools setup, and i got suggested the M Audio Profire 2626, and was intending to buy it. now, just the other day i "acquired" Pro Tools 8 HD, and upon further inspection i have found out that, apparently, the interface will not work with HD, and only M-Powered.

Can anybody confirm this for me? or perhaps explain to me a way to be able to make the 2626 work with HD? and also, i am acquiring Logic Pro from a family friend in a few days, would the 2626 work with that?

You really shouldn't "aquire" recording programs. but thats besides the point here

IIRC Protools HD only works with some certain hardware that meant to be used with it. The ProFire is not one of those. Now the profire is the interface you get if you have really high quality recordings without going HD.

It should work in logic pro. M-Audios FAQ has a section for that and i think i remember seeing logic on there. Dont see why not. M boxes work with logic
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Unfortunately I believe there are only a very few Audio Interfaces that are compatible with Pro Tools 8 HD. And yes is M-Powered compatible only. I believe you can record with M-Powered and then transfer to HD though.

Also yes I believe this interface works with any DAW including Logic.

Hope that helps
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