Ok, so I play at my church, right? Well, we do some stuff that features some really heavy guitars. Well, everytime I hear the recorded mix, the guitars are basically cut out. Like, really? And another thing - they don't like that I switch guitars for certain songs. :| WHAT? Ok, wow, you expect me to play a strat for every song? Yea, not gonna work, guys. Like, I guess I could understand why someone who doesn't play guitar to not understand that switching guitars for certain songs is needed, but one of the sound guys is a guitar player himself. Seriously? Freakin irritates me.

Rant over.
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You call the sound guys, but I assume they aren't professionals.

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that story was more like a bory
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You think that's dickish...? It's a church, he's probably more concerned with the lack of sound insulation making the sound leak into the street.

Sound guys at venues are usually pretty cool.
use moar mids

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I play at my church, right? Well, we do some stuff that features some really heavy guitars.

Does not compute.
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Use more mids

You mean cut the mids down to -11?

edit: forgot, gain up to 12/10.
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I'm not a sound guy myself but surely changing guitars changes the output which means the sound guy needs to change his settings.

Of course he's not going to like extra work.
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I feel your pain man. My church has the worst acoustics I've ever seen, with all kinds of angles and beams and shit in the sanctuary (no acoustic material of any kind, it's all drywall). Plus the speakers are just a cluster of 3, and they're ON THE FREAKING CEILING 25 feet up. The sound booth is also up high (10 feet higher than the stage), so the "sound guys" don't have a clue what the actual mix sounds like; it's always tinny and dead sounding with no bass at all. And quiet.

Needless to say, I don't play over there anymore. I play for the teens where we have a better room and can play more fun music

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What I'm saying is that it shouldn't matter if you have to adjust your settings - IT'S YOUR JOB!

Not to mention, this guy has a REAL problem with being a knowitall. Like, when you have 4 different reverbs cranked up on the mics so much that you can barely hear the original vocal, there's a problem. And yes, not all churches use acoustic guitars and telecasters.
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