Any thoughts or opinions on the Epiphone SG G400? I'm thinking of trading my epiphone dot for one. Im particularly interested in the size and feel of the neck. I kind of want to go for something thinner.

I also read some reviews on it but I'm not sure how well it does for bluesy and clean tones. The reviewers dont go into great detail about those tones. Theyre mostly into rock. I understand its an iconic rock guitar but I think it would be interesting to play some more alternative stuff with this guitar.

To give an example of some of the things I want to do with this guitar I'll list some bands that I admire.

Pink Floyd
The Rolling Stones

I also want to experiment a little with more metalish tones for fun.

The person whos trading me says he put in some PRS Mark Trimonti pickups? How well does that effect the SG's performance? I tried finding reviews but nothing came up on google or ultimate guitar. Any help on this issue is appreciated!
the neck is based on a late 50's/early 60's neck so it will be similar to that of the dot's. the stock pickups are allright but could be better, the guitar it's self is very versatile but i find it is slightly annoying when being played sitting down mostly due to the neck dive on it. personally i would look at an esp ltd viper 401 with syemour duncan pickups, the neck will be slimmer and the pickups will be very good.
im into that kind of music too, and it sounds fine to me on my epiphone les paul 100. i had my friends G400 for a while and was completely unimpressed compared to my epi lp. i messed around with some blues junk on it too and wasnt impressed at all either, if anything it just sounded alot better with distortion to me. i wouldnt recommend the G400 to anyone, but thats just my insight and experience with it. you should just play with the guitar for a little while before settling with it and see if you like it. as for the mark trimonti pickups, ive heard only good things about them, i cant imagine them worsening the SG's performance, but i wouldnt know having not played with them set in one.
i have a g400, its pretty awesome in my opinion
i play metal, so obviously i replaced the pups, but it sounds and looks great, and i love it.
great guitar for the price.
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I would say save up a little bit of money, for about $400 you could easily get a used Gibson SG Special on craigslist. Much MUCH better quality than any g400 you will ever play.
Ahh I see. Well can anyone comment on the PRS pickups?
I'm gonna go over to my friends house tonight to play with his G400 for a while just to get the feel of it.
If you swap the pups on the Dot it'll be way more versatile than that SG.
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i love my g-400 sg. Sounds great i just hate the diving neck, really pisses me off sometimes.....
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Quote by s12k17
i love my g-400 sg. Sounds great i just hate the diving neck, really pisses me off sometimes.....


If it weren't for the neck dive and the fat neck I would've never bought another guitar.
yes the diving neck is quite annoying on my sg as well. i'm still sort of adjusting to it. makes playing standing up completely different. I kind of finding myself having to tilt the neck upwards or else it just falls down. Some have told me they moved the top strap lock onto the horn instead of the back of the body, but I don't feel like right drilling a hole into a $1400 guitar