So my friend and I have been talking about doing some music together, and I'm wanting to get more serious about metal. I was wondering where to start. I know that I need to work on Penatonic and Minor scales, but other than that I have no idea where to start. So any advice would be very appreciated. Also, what should I look into as far as learning theory.
Well depending on what metal youre talking about, the harmonic minor and diminished scales are good to look into as well.
learn to play metal songs while mashing scales, power chords.... then practice all of the above while head banging and defocating onstage - booyah
Well technique-wise you should at least start learning:

Alternative Picking- pretty much essential NUMBER ONE PRIORITY

Tapping- pretty cool, not too hard, learn if you want to

Palm Mute- essential for most rhythm playing, not too hard, probably number 2 priority

after these you can look into things like Pinch Harmonix and Sweeping but thats wayyyyyyy in the future.

EDIT: dunno how the hell i forgot about the legato techniques so thats:
Hammer-on and Pull-off, probably your number 3 priority, takes a while to build muscle strength but not too hard
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Ok thanks guy. I can Alternate pick and palm mute fine. With tapping would it be better to use a pick or to finger tap?

EDIT: I have been working on my legato for a while. So I guess I'm working on the right things. Thanks guys.
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I guess it´s up to how you wanna sound. Id imagine that with a pick you get a bit more shrill sound so to speak.
And alternate picking as in regular alternate picking and tremolo picking (listen to a black metal song, you'll know what I'm talking about. 'Cause the latter is really heavy on the wrist, especially when playing standing up.
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