My gear:
Ltd EC-1000 (emg 81-60)
Vox AC-50 CPH
2-2X12 cabs

My problem is on the gain channel chords and quickly strummed parts are a little muddier than I would like. I know with the emg's my guitar isn't perfectly suited for the vintage style gain the vox makes but I do enjoy the tone id just like the notes in chords to be a little more defined and crisp.
I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for pedals that Might help?
Also would non-active pickups be a better choice to use?

No real budget I am just looking for suggestions, for me if i think something is worth it cost never seems to be an issue
^ yea, lower them some
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Treble booster or an EQ pedal. I know Voxes like treble boosts, but I've always found an EQ pedal or rack EQ to help loads with mud.
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