Hey Im looking for bands that have lyrics that are based on like nature, spiritual stuff, tribal things along those lines. Like bands that are kinda like Tool I guess but more tribal themed. Like maybe with wooden flutes? One band ive been listening to thats like this is Dead Soul Tribe but I was wondering if there is more like them out there. Thanks
Obvious answer would be Sepultura/Soulfly.. maybe some Ill Nino, i honestly don't know too much about this genre but i tried atleast
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System of a Down has a bunch of songs with "semi-indigenous" chanting, eastern polyrhythms and such... Their lyrics are usually more politically themed though (or sometimes just plain weird ) and usually address social injustice and stuff rather than nature and spirituality

If you're looknig for those kinda lyrics you should check out the first 2 (and perhaps also the third) Jamiroquai albums. Those carried a strong environmental and "f*ck modern society" message, especially on the first album (check out this song for example). They're more of an acid jazz/funk band tho, rather than a prog metal act...

Not sure if this helps, since you didn't really specify why you're looking for this music...

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Check out Orange Blossom. They have a lot of tribal sounds blended with dub step (I think that's what it is). If you're specifically looking for lyrics about nature then you might be out of luck with these guys because I believe they sing in Arabic. I still suggest checking them out. Great live band too.
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