hey guys so im thinking of playing some buckethead songs live!
with a band actually...
so id love to have your advices/hints. like what scale to use for solos or well nearly anything??

the main song im sure will be is the Welcome to bucketheadland!!
may be otehr songs to add?? it's just i need soem easy to remember songs as we'll have to learn it really really quick!!!
Night of the Slunks is an easy and super fun song. Asylum of Glass is a bit trickier because of the last hybrid picking section but it should be workable as well. Others I would consider are Binge & Grab, Redeem Team, Siege Engine, White Wash, Soothsayer, Killing Cone, I Can Only Carry 50 Chickens at a time, and Padmasana.
"King James" is fun if you have a whammy pedal.

I may be able to offer more if you promise to stop abusing punctuation.
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yaeh i guess King james was the other song i thought of!!!
that's really nice and i was learning that piece recently!!!
may look cool too!!!
tho it has got really many riffs!!

hmm what dya think of Nottingham lace?! (as it has got only few riffs and most of the song is soloing)

soothesayer is also a nice song to do live!!!
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like what scale to use for solos or well nearly anything??

why not use the scale that buckethead uses? even if you arent going to take the time to learn the exact solo, take the time to figure out the general idea behind what he is playing.
Natural minor gets you far when it comes to buckethead, he's very fond of the natural minor scale, and he uses a lot of chromatic runs. A lot of his song is in B minor(not taking into account that he tunes half a step down sometimes)