The sweetest sour has no power against the jaws of the fistagon
The evil rose has no repose against the jaws of the fistagon
The peaceful protest will get no rest against the jaws of the fistagon
The raging bulls can get no pulls against the jaws of the fistagon

All-sided monster, liberty imposter
The fistagon comes with intentions of freedom
Slowly it turns as the free-world fire burns
The fistagon comes with the use of the bomb
Before it’s too late give up on your hate
The fistagon comes and will blot out your sun
Soon you’ll be dead with a bullet in your head
Cuz the fistagon comes outstretched with a gun


It comes with a roar and the cry out to war
The fistagon comes with a fistful of lies
It brings out the worst where the crime is your thirst
The fistagon comes with nooses like ties
Gives the power to rich, toss the rest in a ditch
The fistagon comes to tear you apart
Turn on the lies no more hypnotize
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It's a little overt, and I think the fistagon thing is kind of silly, but you're a clever writer. Reminds me of RATM also. I've always had sort of an issue with uber-political songs like this, just because there's always at least a bit of sensationalism and bombast, but I think that's just a personal bias. Good writing, though.