Lately I've been wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as to mine. I've been stuck on the same level for a while and I didn't know what to do to improve further. I was constantly playing average difficulty songs from Metallica, BFMV, KSE and really easy ones from Rammstein and Linkin Park.

Then I tried practising Pinball Map from In Flames and at first, the song kicked me in the nuts. Too fast, tough alternate picking section (for me). But I continued practising until I had it and after a long time I think this song pushed me furher and improved my guitar technique.

My question for you, what 'breakthrough' songs improved your guitar technique a bunch?
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Under the Bridge really pushed my rhythm playing forward, although for lead, it would have to be Good times Bad Times - Led Zep. one i could play those cleanly, i was sorted
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Leica - The Faceless
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The cleans from To Live is to Die by Metallica made me practise a lot, and I love it for it.
For me it was proberly the blackest skyline by british tech band sylosis (who are ****in amazing) well most sylosis songs but they just have some amazing guitar lines that i found/find challenging but amazing to play when you have them down
Black Diamond by Stratovarius, it has everything for improving your skills: complex rhythms, tough alternate picking, shredding etc... And yeah I saw Sylosis live a few months ago and they were quite cool
SRV's rendition of Texas Flood.
Getting the dynamics as perfect as I could was killer lol
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If Only by Queens of the Stone Age

It's something I started playing when I got my guitar some 6 months ago and now I can play it entirely rather well.
Try some Iron Maiden. I was in the same situation you are, untill I started listening to Maiden. I learnt Aces High (prob their easiest song) entirely and my world changed

Now I'm doing more complex songs such as Dream Theatre's. Good stuff.
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Perpetual burn - Jason Becker

kudos if you're being serious, and for me it was when i learnt raining blood all the way through, but to be fair it's quite an easy song anyway.
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no remorse- metallica
spanish caravan - the doors (although i haven't finished it yet, its still improved my playing)
For me it was Symphony X's Sea of Lies, and Paginnini's 5th caprice. Those two songs caused me to virtually re-invent my technique over the last 2 years - I solved a whole lot of technique problems by working on them.
I like to focus on a band and learn as many of thier songs as possible, to round out song techniques.

A couple bands:

Stung Out - Taught me a variety of pinch harmonic uses, bends and chord augmentation, like mid run slides to flats and sharps.

Rufio - Lots of fast concise lead runs and complementary parts.

Wilhelm Scream - Building songs that use many parts, based on the same idea, but not the same progression and chord formation
Sequoia Throne - Protest the Hero
I'm learning it atm, but its been improving my sweeping, tapping and alternate/strict alternate picking skills

Paul Gilbert stuff is also great imo, but you'll have to perservere
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