Pretty good song 8/10.

A little repetitive, but I imagine singing would add variety.

Slightly unimaginative riffs. Would benefit from more variety.
Man it's awesome! I loved it! That's the kind of music I want to play eventually so you gave me great stuff to work on...
How to Program a Metalhead ?
I have two full-length albums in gp in the style of Iced Earth. Now I'm writing third album. Thans for crit.
Huge Iced fan, so this immediately cought my eye.

Loved how it began and how it built up into an awesome riff.
Didn't the pre-chorus, though. I've heard a billion things that sound like that and wrote several myself, so it was just too common and predictable.

The fading in guitar before the solo was kinda annoying... The solo wasn't that much of a solo. I think you should add another solo, somewhere on the heavy part and not the acoustic.

Really repetitive, but so are Iced Earth so meh.
Liked it, but it could use a little work.

had some potential to be really epic, but didn't follow through...
i would have tried to get through another verse/chorus before getting to the break/acoustic interlude

i think you should simplify the drum rhythm in the chorus, it's kinda hard to headbang to that...relative to the verse riff, at least
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