I've gotten to the stage where I need to make things a little less complicated in the setup of my live setup. I currently use a JCM800 2210 split channel amp. I found the clean channel to be disastrously over distorted and so used a signal pad to cut the gain out and clean it right up and also added a graphic EQ pedal and some light chorus to make my desired clean tone.
However, I've gotten annoyed by the fact everytime I want to change from clean to OD I have to press about 4 different switches. So any suggestions are welcome (it may sound abit petty but I don't like have to think to much about pressing things). I have thought of possibly re-working the foot switch in a way that it either switchs it's own little effects loop, similar to a Boss LS-2 or simply using a Boss LS-2 to switch between one loop that would fire the channel switch automatically, but I'm just wondering if anyone's got some advice before embarking on a project like this. I know it sounds a bit silly... Also, I've not been able to locate a schematic for a JCM800 original but mine doesn't have one anyway and it's using a 2 button MG series footswitch fine anyway so I guess that would suffice?