I'm going to say exactly what I said in the other thread(s):

You don't look like you're enjoying it... you're incredibly lifeless and boring. Play with more energy, tune your guitar (and turn down the treble and gain on the amp), and at least act interested.

Also, how old are you? If the "98" in your username refers to your year of birth, then you're not old enough to be on this site.
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I'm going to agree with the above as well as the fact the singing is quite off as well.
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i have no helpful advice

I think you need some better recording quality for the guitar - singing recording is fine. Try to sing more from your diaphram, and aim for more projection. Also do many scales, as they will help with hitting all the notes with perfection.

It's nice to see that you're trying - by the time you're 20 you'll be a killer singer and guitarist!

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