As some of you may know, I purchased a Series 1 Mesa/Boogie Roadking 2x12 combo and I love it but I saw the opportunity to make it cooler. On the back, there are two jacks, one labeled "latching" and one labeled "pulse". These are controlled by the EXT switch on the footswitch and as labeled, indicate whether the switch latches like a regular footswitch or sends an impulse like the channel selectors or a signal that MIDI picks up. I figured I could put this extra latching switch to good use and I designed two diagrams that I'd like input on.

This first diagram simply turns on and off a 9V powered LED strip, nothing fancy.

This second one turns on and off the whole LED system, but there is more. The left rotary switch selects between the 4 colors (white, red, green, blue) and the right rotary selects between a clear (9V) path and 3 other larger and larger resistors to act as a 4 level switch for brightness.

Basically, is this feasible? Do I have it right? Suggestions?

Beautiful amp, I don't know if that would make it cooler....but it should work fine.