Hey guys, I've always been a little obsessed with training my ear and I've come across a plugin for winamp called 'CHORDS'; what it claims to do is analyze a song and then tell you the chords as the song is playing. As a self learning musician I thought this would be an invaluable tool, I'm not sure on it's reliability though and I'm currently 'testing' it but all I have to check my results are tabs, chord sheets etc.

So I was wondering if anyone with a good ear would like to check it's reliability, I wish I had the ability to do it myself (I wouldn't even need the smeggin plugin, lol). You can also upload songs and do it all online.


Also, does anyone know of any other applications out there that could help with training my ear or have any tips? What I'm trying to work on is recognizing chords but I can't seem to get my ear around them, I'm ok with melodic intervals but harmonic is troubling me still.

Thanks for any help or advice
for training your ear there is the "Functional Ear Trainer" programs, both are freeware. One is a beginner version and the other is more advanced. I downloaded them once and never got around to using them however...(I suck)

It's all just a joke

thanks for the resources, i shall check them all out

Any thoughts on chords.fm? I've put a few songs through the analyzer now and i'm not sure on it's credibility, so far it's only given me straight major or minor chords and i'm pretty sure some of the songs i've used have more complex chords.