Basically I f*cked up. Within the past 2 months I've had to switch from my computer's hard-drive to an external one due to the amount of music I had, it had been working fine until today. Before today, my itunes could locate my music fine, but all of a sudden the exclamation point (file could not be found) was next to each song that would haven been on the hard drive. Yet, the computer still detected the hardrive and I could manually re-locate the songs, but I figured rather than going through about 6000 to 7000 songs individually, I could just add the entire folder(figuring that would replace every "unfound" file). Now I have duplicates of every song from that folder, one with the exclamation point and one without. Any way I can delete all the files with the exclamation point at once?
you can just delete all files and add them to the library again the same way you did it first time around.
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Well, if I'm understanding your post correctly, you want to remove the old files with the "!" next to them? You should sort your library by the date added, then all the old files will be lumped together. None of the new files will be in there, so you can remove all of the "!" files at once.
yes, what he said. or control + A, delete everything (assuming you have no iTunes purchased music) then re add it all.
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Only problem is since I had to re-up the entire computer, all the originals have "3/1", including those that weren't on the hard-drive (so they don't have "!" nor duplicates.)
Nevermind I figured a way to do it that requires a 1/3 less clicking (nonetheless still about 6000 clicks)