I am about to get $1000 and want to buy a new guitar. I mostly play melodeath and metalcore. I was thinking about an ltd ec-1000, but I am not sure. I do not want a floyd rose, I dont care what brand. Also, I was wondering if I should get a new amp first, since I only have a peavey vypyr.

So any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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you can get a decent rig by spliting it 60:40, 600 on an amp and 400 on a guitar and use what ever you have left on the other item
EC-1000 is amazing...wow I started on an Ibanez Gio as well and ended up with my EC-1000
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Do you plan on gigging?
How long have you been playing?

I agree with splitting on axe and amp but you don't HAVE to spend the majority on the amp.

You can find a lot of nice 5W tube combos if you're just a bedroom player. If you ever plan on jamming though you may need to look into 20-30W tube combos.

If you want a new amp as well I'd recommend a Peavy Valveking. Or to research Bugera (from what i've heard Bugera's are incredible for the price)

As for guitar.

Ahh I'm too lazy now to search through all of them
But yea try not to go all out with one item and be forced to skip out on the other. You could get an awesome amp but be stuck with a lackluster guitar or vice versa.

Thats not to say all guitars under $500 are crap. If you search around you can definitely find great guitars for that price.
Quote by siverstorm
Do you plan on gigging?
How long have you been playing?

I usually play with friends and we might start gigging. I have been playing almost 2 years. I checked out bugera and I am interested in the 6262. I might split the money up. Thanks
ESP EC-1000 VB
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