Hey Everyone,

I posted some cover songs on my myspace, and was looking for some feedback, I'm more of an originals guy, but I love these songs and decided what the hell. Anyway they are December by Collective Soul and Layla Acousic by Clapton

Please check em out and leave a comment if you would be so kind, happy Memorial Day!

Love December man, one of my favs. You did a pretty good job with, instruments where very nice and I like your voice. Just a few suggestions, the vocal recording quality wasnt too great, not sure what your using for a mic, and they seemed a bit out of time in spots. Also I think a little reverb on the vocals could go a long way, they kinda sounded a bit bare bones and dry if ya know what I mean, but overall was pretty solid man. Just need to tweek your vocals and perhaps get a better mic or something.
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Thanks Swayver, I said in another post that I recently had to sell all my gear, but I kinda made a mental not to keep just a few things around, so that I could record something if I wanted to etc... So I'm having to use a cheap little beinger mixer, and I don't have a compressor anymore either, so I had to record the levels a little more quiet than I would normally to avoid clipping etc... I'm using a Sennheiser E835 mic which is pretty decent, but I think the preamp in the crappy little mixer is what your hearing, I'll try to mess around with reverb, I'm never sure what settings to use, I use Adobe Audition got any advice?
Layla was pretty solid. Guitar was pretty good just a few hiccups on the lead but nothing that took away from the song. Same problem with vocals on this one, but timing what definitely better. You do have a pretty solid voice, just the recording quality doesnt do it much justice. Good job tho man. Keep em coming
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cool man thanks, so do you have any tips on setting for reverb or any of that that could help?
I did some reverb on the Time In a Bottle, but didn't think that setting would sound right on the other songs
just something your have to play around with on the reverb till it sounds not too wet but not too dry either. Also doesnt Audition have and compressor plugins you can use? that would help alot also.
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yeah I think it has all that, I'll have to make an effort to mess with that stuff more next time, I remember seeing a reverb setting where you can adjust from wet to dry, I'll start there. Thanks for the tip, let me know when you get some new songs up.