I'm left handed and looking to get a steel guitar; unfortunately i haven't been able to find an already lfthanded one, but i got a quick look at one and it would appear that the bridge is horizontal anyway, instead of angled, the only thing that would need changing is the nut.
could anybody suggest any other things i may not have been taken into account - i don't want to buy one and then come into whole bunch of problems.
also, what type of strings does a steel guitar use?
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You can't do this mate. The bridge is angled for initiation purposes. If you flip the guitar over, and swap the nut, and re string it, it'll be angled the wrong way, throwing it out of whack. It'll be playable, but it wont sound very good.

A steel string guitar, uses steel strings.
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sorry for being unclear and causing confusion.
by stell guitar i menat like, a steel resonator.

:/ sorry again for causing confusion.